Rosie Paulsen Public Speaker, Hispanic Leader, and Expert in Insurance.

Rosie Paulsen is a public speaker, Hispanic leader, and expert in insurance. As a speaker, she specializes in education seminars on healthcare, the Hispanic market, and entrepreneurship. As a civic leader, Rosie believes in economic growth through collaboration, and through this collaborative work in community leadership organizations, she has fostered various business partnerships.


Rosie's brand is Pure Positive, Inspiring Ideas, which reflects her goal to help restore society through inspiration, determination, and her Pure Positive attitude


Our Mission: To educate our clients with the best options for their insurance policies, and satisfy clients above and beyond all their expectations when making a decision that impacts their healthcare.


Our Vision: To maintain Trusting relationships with our clients, and positively impact our community by specializing in Medicare services offering concepts and guidance that will educate everyone in the area of Financial Services.


Our Culture: The culture of our business to be one that gives our clients a sense that we are different than every other company because we truly care. We are a company full of special people, doing what we love in the best way possible.


What will your CHA mission be today?



When I was a little girl, I remember meeting an American family that was very giving and their generosity was embedded in my mind forever.

As I grew older I kept thinking about when I live in the USA it was going to be great because people were givers, not takers, people are not selfish, they  think of helping others, and they are GENEROUS.

Well one more time you blew away my expectations and reminded me of how grateful I am to be living in this country and have you as my friend.

For my birthday wish I wanted people to donate for Good Faith Insurance Services' 2013 Toy Drive, well my friends did not only donate toys to be able to bless not 1 or 2 or 3 but 4 ministries.  Your generosity was overwhelming however my friends also went above and beyond to make sure I get gifts for ME.  My unselfish act of asking not for me if not for others was also compensated by presents for ME.

GOD is a generous GOD, He does not only meet your needs but he meets them in abundance. See each of you is a CHA (Christ Hands in Action). GOD uses wonderful people like you to meet the need of others. You "Amigos" did just that, Gracias from the bottom of my "Corazon"
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