Land O'Lakes at Ridgewood HS Football Action Begins

Friday, Sep 03, 2010 | On Target Page: Land O'Lakes High School

Stevie Weatherford threw a 45 yard pass to Billy Irwin than ran for a 35 yard touchdown. The team was seemed overeager getting penalized for 180 yards. Senior Justin Tello scored on a 84 yard kickoff return for the Gators and his brother caught 7 passes for over 100 yards in the game. Ridgewood senior  Cameron Rodriguez had 18 carries for over 90 yards. Weatherford  ran for a 9 yard TD run late giving his 2 for the game and he completed 14 passes of 20 attempts for 370 yards and 3 touchdown passes. 49-6

Shell brings back "Service" to Gas Station in Wesley Chapel

Friday, Aug 27, 2010 | On Target Page: Wesley Chapel Community Events
Throw back to days gone by, service with a smile. Check you oil, water, tires, run the cash in for you and of course, pump your gas. Take a look for yourself at the Shell Gas Station on State Route 54 in Wesley Chapel.

Wiregrass Ranch Student Alexa Ulrich & Family Remembered

Friday, Jun 18, 2010 | On Target Page: Wiregrass Ranch High School

Alexa Ulrich, her sister, Mother and Father died together in a plane crash in Arizona. Flashlight Memorial Service for the Ulrich Family June 18, 2010 from 8pm to 9pm Wiregrass Ranch High School Football Field.

New management at Jay Rosario Wesley Chapel Nissan donates a car to the Ministry at Myrtle Lake Baptist

Thursday, Jun 17, 2010 | On Target Page: Churches & People of Faith, Wesley Chapel Nissan
Jay Rosario Wesley Chapel Nissan, handed over the keys to a used Nissan (bluebook $12,500) to Rev. Stephen H. York, Associate Pastor for Evangelism and Seniors. Also pictured is Senior Pastor is Elbert W. Nasworthy, and Wesley Chapel Nissan Internet Manager Troy Stevenson. The auto was needed for the ministry work these pastors do every day. They also donated some hats and shirts.

The Summer Experience at Zephyrhills by S.L.e.d.g.e

Friday, Jun 11, 2010 | On Target Page: Churches & People of Faith
The Summer Experience Event was held Friday, June 11 at the Zephyrhills High School Practice Field. The program was produced by: *S.L.e.d.g.e, an Association of Youth Ministers of local churches in East Pasco.

Fasting for the Hungry at Atonement Lutheran Church

Saturday, May 15, 2010 | On Target Page: Churches & People of Faith
This weekend, some local teens are getting a taste of what it feels like to be hungry and homeless.
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